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You know you were made for more but HOW do you live that way?

Join Elana van Deventer for live, high impact trainings in the 3 God-given steps she personally used to align with her purpose and launch her own business.... even when fear told her it was impossible.


Because there's nothing wrong with your dreams - they just need clarity!

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"Is this all there is?"

I had no place else to look but the floor and the silence had no answer for me.

My insides were screaming that I couldn't continue one more day like this, but hadn't I tried everything already? From career moves to moves across continents and even a small cosmetic procedure?

Nothing made me feel alive. 

I had tried every last thing, chased every false promise, confessed it all to my therapist, and still sat crumpled on my bedroom floor.

But that's when everything changed.

Because new beginnings often feel like bad endings.

From living a posed, pretend life....
To passionately and persistently living from my heart (and fulfilling my dreams)!


(And why your time is now.)

Most people know there's more to life than waking up to a never ending list of "things to do." They carry the heavy promise that they were made to BE someone. But they never let God hold that promise for them, and it feels like a burden. Sadly, they wander, unable to connect the dots between their dreams and their reality on their own. They feel directionless. You know the feeling - wide awake and restless at night, then living on autopilot through the day.

But that's not you.

Because no matter how long you might have lived unsure, afraid, and overwhelmed, you know that's not what you were made for.

Taken directly from Elana's signature course, The Revive Method, she'll personally give you the step-by-step heart tools you need to change your thoughts, which determine how you act and feel and teach you 

why taking action now, 
even if you feel


 is the most important thing you can do!

This is for you 
if you know you were made to make an impact
 if you believe that your mess can become a message

 but you just need the steps to make it happen!

Listen to why the real change you need is within reach!! 🙌
And why you were made for it!👇👇


When you sign up at the top of this page today, you'll be given access to the private Facebook group where all of the training is happening.

Elana will train you how to get clarity on what you really, truly want. Learn this method of reviving your heart's deepest desires so that you embrace the power to create new wealth, heal broken relationships, and live healthy and whole.

Get it now FOR FREE!

🛍 PLUS, because you're signing up for the 3 Day Clarity Catalyst Challenge, you'll get exclusive access to 2 truth tool bonuses at a special price!! 🛍


A 30 day guide to get your mind and heart in the right place by DECLARING truth and goodness over six different areas of your life. It'll just take 3 minutes a day to spark a new way to see, think about, and believe for:

🌼 Your (beautiful) body
🏆 Your (foundational) identity
💗 Your (life giving) relationships
👀 Your (out-of-your-control) circumstances 
🤔 Your (navigational) influence 
📍 Your (designed) purpose

My co-author and I share our own personal mess-ups, and lightbulb moments, as well as some of our favourite biblical narratives and then attach a truth-packed declaration we dare you to say over yourself and your life (and watch the transformation happen in your thoughts)!! Then the best part (in my opinion), is that each day we give you the creative space to write your own so you can decide exactly who God is calling you to be every day. You are the expert of your life, and you've got the Truth inside of you as a follower of Jesus. Don't waste it on believing it theoretically but never living in it!

This normally sells for $19 but we'd love for you to take this home to kickstart everything you're going to learn in the challenge so we're offering it at a special price!

Bonus 2: TRUTH THAT TRAVELS WITH YOU Phone Backgrounds

It's way too easy to get stressed. You have one bad thought and before you know it, you're spiralling! But all you need is to take that thought captive by having a pattern interrupt!

We've designed 8 totally different gorgeous phone backgrounds for you to use as your lock screen so that truth is within reach at all times! Even in the never-ending checkout line! 

The next time you feel you're getting anxious (meaning, you're already listening to the enemy's thoughts) you can bring Heavenly peace, clarity, and power to your mind. Look at your lock screen and say the phrase in your head or out loud (our favourite) to reverse the direction of your thoughts! Say it over and over until it impacts. It might take 5 seconds or 50 but it'll save you time (because you won't be distracting yourself with a coping mechanism) and save your mind (because you're actually building your thoughts, beliefs and actions on the rock of Truth which does not fall apart in life's storms).

Backed by Scripture, beautified by design, and so easy to implement you're just beginning! You're going to love it!

Meet your Clarity Coach
Elana van Deventer

  • Inspired hundreds of women to turn their dreams into action through virtual workshops.
  • Hosted the 2020 THRIVE Retreat where women received powerful prophetic instruction, revelation and healing.
  • Transformed the way she thinks, feels, and acts by God's grace and anointing that is overflowing into hungry, hearts-on-fire women!


Discover The Inspiration and Clarity Other Women Experience When Working with Elana

Do you want that kind of strategy to bring about massive clarity in your own life?

In each of the 3 days of this high impact, highly interactive training experience, you're going to get answers to your biggest and most important questions and concerns when it comes to knowing HOW to go from feeling restless to resting in your promise!


You're not where you want to be, you feel overwhelmed and stranded, so today is all about getting real about our current reality so that we don't just know the final destination, but the precise directions for how to get there!


We're going to carefully look at some lies that we've adopted and started to believe along the way that are NOT helping us. Without dissecting these toxins, we're prone to be enslaved to these false beliefs. But not this time! We're going to bust through these limiting beliefs so that you can move freely towards your goals!


Sure, it's nice enough to generalize about having a "better, happier" life, but is that what you really want? What does "better" even look like? There's a target we're aiming for and it's got to be specific. What if we could turn your ideas into a laser focused, pinpoint location that actually aligned with your values? It's like saying "I want to help people" vs. "I want to teach women with diabetes who work full-time to make crave-worthy meals in 20 minutes." 

You were made to help people, of course, but you've been equipped for dynamic, strategic impact.

See You Inside The Challenge!

The sales results stated above are Elana van Deventer's personal experience and students of Elana van Deventer's personal experience. Please understand our results and our student's results are not guaranteed. We are not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). We have the benefit of practicing The Revive Method for years and have an established skillset as a result. Information without action is worthless. If you buy Elana van Deventer's information and do not take action you will get little to no results. We use these real references for inspirational purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors … including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All change entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please do not join the challenge or apply for The Revive Method.

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